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                Engineering for Buildings and Infrastructure delivered with High  Quality and Reliability.                       Strength in Electrical Engineering, Commissioning & Inspections. also lighting design.    

                   Experienced in a broad range of project types and facilities. With local and international reach.                     

                                                                                 Distinguished by                                                                                    

                                    STRONG CAPABILITY,           PROVEN  LEADERSHIP,           HIGH CAPACITY                               

                                         and   SUPERB QUALIFICATIONS.                                                  

Incidentally we are also M/SBE-HUB certified.   

Glad to consider private or government (RFQ) projects of any size.

    +  See our Brochure and History   +       

                                                                                                "A Consultant tough on Engineering issues but very Easy to work with."                                                                                                          

News and General Interests:  

A visit to the Bussmann  High Power Testing Lab (Movie 1, 23, 4, 5)   -    A memoir of  Saudi Arabia

                                                                                           TBPE Reg. # 12096                     click on the blue texts to download more information                                                                                                                    

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