When we deal with another MEP Engineering or AEC company we prefer to have an Ally rather than a client. Clients come and go, but Alliances can be strong and ever lasting!

We work side by side with our allies to bring better building and infrastructure projects to life... We seamlessly perform as an integrated unit for your Clients. We do synergy marketing and share resources to strengthen and complete your capabilities, streamline deliveries and ultimately maximize bottom line results.

   Is your company in need of new or additional Electrical Engineering capacity? Contact Us for a quick discussion on how we can become your loyal and strong ally. You may wonder; how an alliance with Rivera Engineering can benefit me? Here is  the answer...

  • Quick deployment of Electrical Engineering and Design prowess to get your project started, or out on time for the next phase or deadline.
  • Seamless integration into your working platforms (servers, software, email, CRM, etc.) and office standards as you need or feel comfortable.
  • Brand integrity: The projects can go out the door under your company logo, licenses and insurances.                                                                                                                                         Project support, meetings, email and client management can all be performed under your company brand.                                        
  • Utmost ethical behavior. Your established and valuable Client relationships and contacts will be well treated and nourished on your behalf.  
  • Synergy and flexible marketing. We can market and do business development together in the most convenient way. Again your brand will be the sole focus. And we will be glad to quietly benefit from your new or increasing measure of success! :-)    
  • Avoid the hassle of hiring a direct employee with all the HR and long term cost consequences. There won't be any long term obligation between us. But we will strive to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship over time.   
  • Take advantage of our time proven on site-remote work program. We will combine office, site visits with remote design work as efficiently needed. And can be electronically connected to your work platform, for seamless support, ALL the time!
  • No need for dedicated real estate or equipment at your office.   
  • And finally, our preferred hourly rate. Or, preferred project basis fees. We will be flexible to accommodate your particular business circumstance.  

               This is already a successful business model. Not something that we are just dreaming to achieve. We have enjoyed serving our current  MEP and Security Engineering allies during the past years and can gladly furnish you references.

If this sounds appealing let's just have an introductory chat. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank You and All the Best!