We are always ready to design renewable energy (RE) systems to power residences, commercial or industrial facilities. Solar or wind, we will engage your project with great enthusiasm and can get involved from early planning to the last commissioning activity. 

We master the use of industry standard software to quickly create solar energy project proposals and design, for residences and commercial buildings everywhere. No site visit needed! Can do NREL compliant simulations for irradiance and shade analysis at address specific roof or ground locations. Can simulate all financial variables to deliver a fully customized and easy to understand sale proposal. And the eventual sealed construction documents. This is a service that we are glad to offer to solar energy contractors, and other players of the industry, for the very   competitive hourly fee of $125 or on project basis.

We can also work as RE consultant; checking the design, observing the installation, commissioning the system   or helping in disputes resolution.

Thinking about saving electricity cost? Wondering about the investment payback? Federal and local incentives? Don't have a contractor yet? Just Contact Us for a FREE initial consultation, and let's start answering your questions!