We luv Uncle Sam and send him a decent bunch of $$$ every year. ;-)

 Our Principal's experience includes long and intensive collaboration into federal AEC teams for agencies such as the

                                                             USACE, NSA, DoD, US Army, US Navy, USBEP, US Marshalls, and others...

His engineering work has endured countless design conferences, many hours of government scrutiny and sharp peers' review. His design prowess and patience has just been thoroughly tested  by a long term consulting commitment for the NSA. The design phase of the project was successfully delivered and is currently under construction.

We have a multi-year sub-contract to provide Electrical Commissioning for the US Department of State Overseas Building Office.

               We are looking forward to expand our federal footprint as a specialty consultant and a reliable SBE ally!

      Contact us today to discuss teaming opportunities. Take advantage of our 20+ years of engineering experience.